Wooden Garage Doors Gauteng

The Garage Door Hub provides a wide variety of wooden garage doors for you to choose from.


Standard Sizes: (Daylight Opening)

Standard Single Doors 2500W x 2100H
Single Caravan Doors 2500W x 2500H
Standard Double Doors 4800W x 2100H
Double Caravan Doors 4800W x 2500H

We can also provide a custom door to suit your opening. Contact us for a quotation

The type of wood used for garage doors are largely dependent on the following factors:

The hardness of the wood

Characteristics of the timber

Whether the wood is prone to insect of fungal infestation

Sustainability of the raw material

Meranti is the first choice for wooden items that will be exposed to the elements.

While it’s true that wooden doors are heavier than its steel counterparts, it is not too heavy for a person to open and close by hand and therefore does not put more strain on the garage door motor. The mechanics of a garage door is designed to always feel the same to the operator regardless of the weight of the door as it is the job of the springs to lift the door. It is the function of the springs to counteract the weight of the garage door and therefore the springs should make the door light enough to be lifted with ease. When installed correctly, springs should balance the door.

Wood is a living material which expands, contracts and absorbs and dries out depending on the conditions it is exposed to. It is therefore important to understand the maintenance that your wooden door will require in order for you to get the most out of the lifespan of your door.

We strongly advise against the varnishing of wooden doors as it is a surface treatment which hardens and does not allow for the expending and contracting characteristics of wood. This results in the varnish cracking leaving the untreated service exposed. We recommend treating your door with the correct oil instead.