The garage doors is typically the largest moving object in your home. Properly maintained and operated, a garage door and its operating system allow you, your family and your vehicles convenient access to and from your home. They also provide security and protect against the elements.

But moving garage doors can also cause serious injury, or even death. While there are some garage door system maintenance chores that you yourself can – and should – perform on a regular basis, there are other tasks (including garage door installation and garage door spring replacement) that are best left to the pros.

If you have children, you should also take some time to teach them that the garage door and its operating system are not playthings.

Since most garages are sited at the entrance to a property for convenience, a garage door also adds or detracts to the appeal of your house.

Wooden garage doors are popular, and because they are manufactured from timber, whatever the wood species, these doors require regular maintenance to ensure that they not only look good but that the wood is protected from the elements and doesn't rot, warp or crack.

Wood expands and contracts

Wood rot

It cracks and fades

All of these problems can be prevented with regular maintenance and inspection. Treat wooden garage doors gauteng by giving a light sanding, or by rubbing down with fine steel wool and mineral turpentine.

Previously painted or varnished doors will need to be sanded down to remove all traces of the previous coating before applying exterior sealer.

Observe your garage door in action to make sure it is moving smoothly and silently.

On metal garage doors some areas of the door panel that seldom receive the benefits of rain washing are prone to a build-up of contaminants which can lead to corrosion of the material. Wash it regularly, a couple of times per year with clean water and a soft bristle brush, to avoid corrosion. Pay particular attention to the curtain face adjacent to the door head and inside over the top of a roller door.


Springs Of A Garage Door:

The springs on your garage door counterweight the panels. When your door is unbalanced, the rest of the components on your door has to compensate causing premature wear and tear. An unbalanced door can also put strain on your garage door motor. If the door is too heavy to lift to a complete opening position or closed position the door is not balanced. In this case you need to ensure that the correct springs are used, or that the springs are tensioned correctly. Adjusting the springs can be dangerous so please call us for professional help.


Headroom Space:

The standards of the garage door and building industries don’t always line up, and therefore it usually falls on the garage door installer to compensate. An example of this is low headroom space. There is a wide range of specialised hardware on the market to overcome these issues.

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